Keeping Your New Years Resolutions

A big “thanks” to all of those who shared your New Years resolution. Not to my surprise many of your resolutions included more exercise and training for you and your dog.  I’m happy to hear this as that is what Doggie Adventures and Training is all about!  Telling Doggie Adventures and Training your resolution is the first step towards realizing your goals.  Here are a few easy tips on how to keep both your pet’s and your resolutions moving forward. Be realistic.  Do not overload yourself with 5 resolutions.  If you try concentrating on 5 ways that you would like to change there is a good possibility all will go to the waste side.  Limit yourself to no more than 2 new resolutions and stick to them. Make measureable goals.  This is about being specific and tracking your goals.  Instead of saying ‘I want a better behaved dog’ say ‘I

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