Praying Dog

Praying Dog Purpose:  With training any behavior it will encourage a well-behaved dog, stimulate your dogs mind, and build a stronger relationship between you and your dog.  Training should be for a lifetime!   Criteria:  Dog places their front 2 paws up on your leg or chair while standing on their hind quarters.  Then brings their head between their front paws. Que: Visual:  Place your 2 hands together in a pray position. Verbal:  Options:  ‘Say your prayers’, ‘go pray’, ‘pray’.   Pyramid (for paws on your leg): Sit in a chair.  Lure your dog to place their front paws on your leg.  Reward.  If you are having a hard time place your dogs front paws on your leg or lower your leg.  Reward. Reinforce this position 10 times before moving to step 3. With your dogs paws on your leg bring a treat between their front legs to lure their

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Recall Training Tips and Management

Training tips for training your recall 1. Never ask your dog to ‘come’ to you and then do something they do not like.  For example, do not give a bath or cut their nails. 2. If your dog is having fun playing or smelling, do not tell them to ‘come’ and end their fun. 3. ‘Come’ should always be rewarded, under all circumstances! Never play chase with your dog, if anything your dog should chase you!   Management for training a recall   1. Make sure your dog is getting enough physical and mental exercise. 2. In a safe place allow your dog plenty of off leash activity.  Example, in your back yard, go to dog parks, or a friends yard.  If you cannot find a safe place to have your dog off leash allow them to drag a long line behind them so still have freedom yet you have

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Really Reliable Recall Part 2

Emergency Recall The emergency recall is a conditioned recall or automatic response by your dog to your signal.  This means your dog will come to you without thinking or hesitation despite their surroundings or what they are doing at that moment. 1. Establish your everyday recall first. 2. Develop a new signal for your dog to come to you.  If you’ve been saying ‘come’ change the word to ‘here’ , ‘now’, ‘yahoo’.  Choose a word that carry’s. 3. Signal should always be said as if it were an emergency.  ‘FIDO HERE!!!’ 4. Use the signal 3 times a day for 3 months.  ONLY SAY IT WHEN YOU KNOW YOUR DOG WILL COME TO YOU!  Your best chance of success is to do this in your home or back yard when your dog is not distracted. 5. Say your signal only once! 6. Reinforce every step your dog takes to you

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