‘Spot’ Purpose- Training your dog to go to their ‘spot’ can prevent your dog from jumping on you or house guests.  It prevents them from begging at the dinner table.  It can also prevent them from crowding you as you walk through the door with your children or a bag full of groceries. Criteria- Your dog leaves you to go lay down on their designated ‘spot’.  They should remain there until you release them. Que- Point toward their ‘spot’ and say ‘spot’ or ‘go spot’.  You may also say ‘place’ or ‘bed’. Behavior Pyramid Your dog should be clicker trained. Find a blanket, towel, or bed that you would like to designate as your dogs ‘spot’. Put the ‘spot’ in an area that your dog still feels part of the family such as your living room or outside the kitchen.  You can have multiple ‘spots’ in the house. Stand next

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Back Up

Back Up Purpose:  This behavior can be used as a neat trick to impress your friends by showing them how your dog can back away from you.  Or it can be a useful behavior for the dog that likes to crowd you when you walk through the door. Criteria:  Your dog backs away from you walking backwards in a straight line (as straight as possible). Visual Que:  With your hands at waist level flick your fingers towards your dog.  Verbal que:  ‘Back’. Behavior Pyramid: Many times you can capture this behavior if you know when your dog is going to do it.  For example, I know my dog backs away from me if they are behind me and I turn to leave the bedroom. When your dog starts to back up you can click, treat, and say ‘back’. As they are reliably backing up from you add your hand signal.

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