4 Ways To Stop A Dog Fight

4 Ways To Stop A Dog Fight Witnessing a dogfight can be very scary.  The most important thing to remember is keep yourself safe.   Unfortunately there are no guarantees or sure-win solutions.  However, in the unfortunate event your dog does get into a scuffle here are some suggestions. 1.    Recognize precursors to aggression.  This may be stating the obvious but there are many subtle cues your dog may be giving you that they feel uncomfortable or the approaching dog is a threat.  Dogs communicate with each other through body language.  Learn to read dogs body language.  There are numerous books written on the subject, visit our recommended reading for some wonderful resources.   Here are a few cues to look for. Freeze- A key that I often tell students when dogs meet and interact is watch for the ‘freeze’ displayed by dogs as something, whether it’s play or a fight will start

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