Giving you the clarity

and results you are looking for.

Giving you the clarity

and results you are looking for.

During our Day Train program your dog will receive training that is specific to your goals while receiving plenty of exercise and socialization with other dogs in the pack.

If you are busy working from home or at work we can give your dog the extra training and exercise they need to be the dog of your dreams. Upon pick up we will review what your dog has learned so you know how to continue practicing with your dog.

Our Day Train program saves you time, gives you clarity, and helps create a harmonious household.

How this program works:

Upon our initial meeting we discuss a behavioral plan specific to your goals for your dog.  You can either drop off your dog or we pick up dogs within the Kailua area.  During the day we work with your dog on behaviors such as leash walking, no jumping, coming when called and more.  Your dog will have plenty of play with other dogs between their training sessions.

What you get…

Why Choose Us?

What you get…

10 sessions for $950


Pup Start Program

Our pup start program is a perfect way to start your puppy off on the right paw. We stop problem behaviors such as nipping, jumping, and chewing. We work on potty training, coming when called, and socialization. This is a perfect program for any puppy owner. It includes all the benefits of the Day Train program.

Get the tools you need to enjoy the best relationship
with your dog as possible!

Puppyhood was NOT all those cute things one thinks about when you envision darling little puppies!

Xena would pull on her leash, run away, jump, nip. I could go on. If it wasn’t for your support, patience and positive encouragement, we couldn’t have made it! Thank you, Tammy … the journey continues, and with the positive tools you introduced me to, it’s a great adventure for both of us.”

— Dorothia and Xena