How To Have A Dog Your Neighbors Are Jealous Of

Do you dream of having a dog that your neighbor says ‘wow, what a good dog’ or ‘I wish my dog could do that’.  Dog owners who are eager to train the perfect puppy or therapy dog set their sites on obtaining their Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Certification.  The CGC is a recognized title from the American Kennel Club (AKC) stating that your dog is well trained, groomed, in good health, and that you are a responsible pet owner.  The CGC is a prerequisite to a dogs Therapy Dog Certification. Why do the extra training?   Does it really matter?  Training takes time and consistency.  Meeting with a group weekly can help you problem solve and also allows you to see you are not alone in some of the pitfalls you might be having with your dog. Many students like to have accountability to continue their dogs training. Joining a class and working towards

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Cavities in Dogs

Teeth are important. Both when it comes to functioning well on a daily basis and for long-term health, dental hygiene is as crucial to dogs as it is to humans. Yet many dogs show signs of tooth decay by the age of four. Good mouth care can’t start too early and when it comes to preventing cavities, that means feeding your dog a healthy diet, providing tooth-strengthening chew toys and treats, and brushing your dog’s teeth regularly. Also check your dog’s mouth for lesions, loose teeth, or inflamed gums weekly. If your dog is prone to plaque or tartar—and chew toys aren’t alleviating the problem sufficiently—ask your veterinarian for advice on preventing buildup. Finally, be sure to get a tooth brushing kit made for dogs as human toothpaste can irritate a dog’s stomach. Then look up brushing techniques online to ensure this ritual becomes an enjoyable one for both of

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