Clicker Training

Clicker Training  What is clicker Training?  Clicker Training/ A Reward Marker is a sound that marks the exact moment in time that your dog is doing a correct behavior.  A reward marker can be a clicker or verbal “Yes” or “Good”.  Your dog will learn that when they hear this sound or word they will be reinforced by a treat.  Behaviors that are reinforced will increase in frequency. Example, as soon as your dog stops barking, click and treat (CT).  Your dog will soon learn being quiet gets goodies!  Why clicker training? The sound of the click is different from any other noise your dog encounters. It is quick and concise.  Much faster than your voice.  Dogs are very timely animals.  It is important that you catch them the moment they are doing something right. It is positive. It gives your dog a choice. It forms a strong bond between

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Crate Training

Crate Training Why is it important to Crate Train my dog? When trained properly, Crate Training simplifies house training and prevents damage to furniture, floors and other personal goods by giving him a place to retire at the end of the night.  It can also be used as a positive tool for time-out while visitors are present or during family dining. Is it cruel to leave my dog in a Crate? Since canines are den animals, the Crate actually resembles a sanctuary where they can relax and have a place that he or she can call their own.  Therefore it is important to make the Crate a very positive place for Fido where he can feel safe and secure.  The misuse of a Crate involve, leaving dogs in for long periods of time, and using it as a form of punishment if a bad deed was done.  Leaving a dog

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