Train – ‘Find It’

‘Find It’

What is the ‘Find It’ game?

During this exercise your dog will learn to search for treats on the floor or hidden in the house or yard.

Benefits of training ‘Find It’.

  1. It’s a game to play with your dog.
  2. It’s mentally stimulating for your dog.
  3. You can prevent and reward your dog for not jumping on you or your guests.
  4. You can prevent and reward your dog for not barking and lunging at the door when someone knocks or rings the doorbell.

Visual Que:  None

Verbal Que:   Find It

How to train:

  1. Place a desirable treat for your dog at your dogs nose.
  2. When your dog is interested in the treat, slowly drop the treat in front of your dog.
  3. As your dog moves to eat the treat say ‘find it’ and click as they are grabbing the treat.
  4. Repeat above steps but slowly increase the distance and vary the area in which you toss the treat.
  5. Next step, say ‘find it’.  If your dog understands the concept of ‘find it’ they will put their nose to the floor and begin looking for their treat.  As they are looking for their treat toss the treat in front of them and click to reward them for their efforts.
  6. Place your dog in a stay.  Show your dog that you are hiding the treat close to them and in partial view.  Release your dog and say ‘find it’.
  7. Repeat step 6, slowly increase distance and slowly decrease visibility of the treat.  Let your dog’s sense of smell do the work.