How to train ‘fetch’

Purpose: Playing fetch can be a wonderful way to exercise your dog and engage with your dog.  It can prevent problem behaviors that are related to lack of exercise such as jumping, digging, and chewing. Criteria:  Toss a toy, your dog runs to the toy and brings it back to you and puts it in your hand. Que: Verbal:  Options ‘fetch’, ‘go get it’, ‘retrieve’, ‘get your toy’ Visual:  Tossing the toy Behavior Pyramid: Find a toy your dog enjoys. Roll or toss the toy in front of your dog 1 foot. As your dog eagerly goes to get the toy say your verbal que such as ‘fetch’.  Only say the word if you know your dog is running to ‘fetch’ the toy. Enthusiastically encourage your dog to bring the toy back to you.  If your dog is running slowly back to you or looks like they might get distracted. 

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