The Really Reliable Recall – Part 1

Training a reliable recall takes a lot of time and practice.  I like to train two different recalls;  the everyday recall and the emergency life saving conditioned recall.  Both are beneficial but as their titles suggest, they are very different. You might use your everyday recall casually.  Your dog may respond to the recall on their terms.  The conditioned emergency recall is used when your dog bolts out the door and is about to run into the street.  During the emergency recall we condition our dog to automatically, without hesitation or thinking about what you just asked, come to you. During this 2 part series we will look at how you train both behaviors. Everyday Recall Stage 1 You and your dog should be in the same area, yard or house Get your dogs attention by stomping your feet, running the other way, making funny sounds. DO NOT SAY ‘COME’

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Introduction To K9 Nose Work

SAVE THE DATE! Saturday June 16th, 2012 ~ OR ~ Sunday June 17th, 2012 INTRODUCTION TO K9 NOSE WORK® with Jill Marie O’Brien CPDT-KA, CNWI Co-Founder, National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSWTM) Co-Founding Instructor, K9 Nose Work® Dogs have a sense of smell 100,000 to 1 million times stronger than humans.  They also have a natural desire to hunt, which can be channeled to food and toys.  K9 Nose Work® allows dogs to use these skills in a way that is fun for both dog and owner. Utilizing methods similar to bomb and drug detection, Jill will teach you how to get started in this fast-growing sport. The full day workshop is designed not only for the dog sport enthusiast and dog owner looking for a fun outlet for their dog, but also for owners of dogs with varying needs:          * Shy and fearful dogs will gain

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