Holiday Tips For Dog Owners

Tips to help with your dogs’ behavior Many undesired behaviors can be prevented with physical and mental exercise.  Before your big event take your dog on a brisk 20-minute walk.  When you return home practice 10 – 15 minutes of basic behaviors such as ‘stay’.  For continued mental stimulation you can give your dog an interactive toy such as a kong or a puzzle toy to keep them engaged. Crate training and training ‘spot’ can help prevent problem behaviors such as jumping on guests and begging at the dinner table.  Keep in mind your dog can feel and see the energy and excitement of the holidays as well.  Set them up for success by giving them a safe place to call their own such as their crate.  Once your guests have arrived and your doghas calmed down you can bring your dog out to enjoy the festivities.  If you know your dog

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