“And The Most Powerful Reinforcer For Your Dog Is…”

At Doggie Adventures and Training our training methods are reward based which means we reward the desired behavior and either ignore or redirect the undesired behavior.  By definition behaviors that are rewarded will increase.  Some ways that we reward the desired behavior is with with food, toys, play, verbal praise, and more.  I find that 95% of the dogs that I work with prefer food over other forms of reinforcement. Why does food work so well for most dogs?  In the early 1900’s Ivan Pavlov inadvertently discovered the power of food for dogs while trying to measure the amount of saliva a dog produced when they tasted meat powder.  He discovered that the dog would begin to salivate when Pavlov’s assistant would enter the room with the meat powder even before the powered was given to the dog.   The dog learned that the assistant had the powder thus creating

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Agility – Jump

Verbal Cue:  Jump Visual Cue:  Hand and body moving in the direction of the jump Criteria:  Dog clears the jump Behavior Pyramid: Lay your jump bar on the ground between poles that will eventually hold the bar. Walk over the jump bar with your dog and say ‘jump’ as your dog jumps over the bar. Repeat 5 times with your dog on your right side and on your left side. Keep bar on the ground. Walk with your dog toward the jump.  This time you remain on the outside of the poles while your dog steps over the bar.  Repeat 5 times on your right side and on your left side. Raise the bar to 4 inches.  Repeat step 5. Slowly increase the bar to your dogs jump height. Review to determine your dogs jump height. Note:  Jump heights are regulated for your dogs’ physical safety.  Your dog might

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