10 Tips To Change Your Dogs Behavior

I find the key with dogs is to set boundaries and be consistent during your everyday routine.  This takes the guess work out of your dogs day, you will find they will become more engaged with you and better behaved dogs.  Here are some simple tips that make a world of difference in your dogs daily routine. 1.  EVERY interaction with your dog is a learning experience (training session). Reward desired behavior. 2.  Behavior that is reinforced will increase. Reinforce your dog for a job well done.  There are many ways you can reinforce;  food, play, toys, going for walk, verbal praise, scratches in their favorite spot, ect. 3.  BE CONSISTENT and FOLLOW THROUGH!  Period! Lack of consistency will only confuse your dog and frustrate you.  Animals are opportunistic, they will do what they feel is in their best interest.  If you constantly reward them for desired behavior they will

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Barn Hunt

  Kini Hawaiian Earthdogs & Terriers In Paradise-Hawaii & Lucky Dog Adventure Camp are pleased to introduce to Hawaii: BARN HUNT Handler Training  Saturday  May 25, 2013 Start time 1:00 pm Lucky Dog Adventure Camp/NewBeginnings 41-709 Kakaina Street, Waimanalo Judge Susan Chapman, Illinois, instructor. The Barn Hunt Sport is created for any breed or mixed breed of dog no matter what its heritage. You can learn everything about the Barn Hunt Sport at the web site at The sport tests dogs for finding rats which are securely enclosed in ventilated tubes which are hidden in stacks of hay bales, simulating a barn hunt. Titles are offered by the Barn Hunt Association and can be recognized, at the owner’s discretion, by the American Kennel Club. The AKC does not administer or sponsor the events. Please have your dog on a leash AND bring a dog crate (plastic airline or metal

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