Dog In The Spotlight

Great Dane

great-dane-dog-boarding-louisville-kyLike Danish pastry, the Great Dane is not from Denmark at all. The breed originated in Germany, but has roots in ancient cultures like China and Egypt.

Great Danes are often called the Apollos of the dog world because of their regal appearance, but fanciers will tell you “the world’s biggest lapdogs” don’t stand on ceremony. Great Danes are legendary leaners who enjoy nothing more than to rest their impressive bulk against the legs of their favorite people. Playful and trainable, Great Danes are popular family dogs, but their strength—and guard instincts— shouldn’t be underestimated. While not the fastest ballretrievers, Great Danes still need plenty of exercise. They thrive on the stimulation of fun dog sports like agility, tracking, weight pull, and musical free style. Easygoing Great Danes often make wonderful therapy dogs, too.

To give a Great Dane a home, search online for your local rescue organization.