The Many Benefits Of Agility

Agility_stockphotoThink agility is only for serious dog sports enthusiasts willing to spend every weekend on the obstacle course? Think again. Agility can be enjoyed at any level—all the way from the World Championships to low-key backyard training—and you and your dog still reap the many benefits of this fun, bond-building dog sport. For example:

  • Dogs of all sizes and breeds can participate in and enjoy agility. Yes, Border Collies and Australian Shepherds excel at it, but titleholders also include Yorkies, Papillons, Spaniels, and Boxers.
  • You can work the obstacle course at the pace that’s right for you, meaning agility can provide gentle, moderate, or strenuous exercise.
  • Training your dog to navigate agility obstacles using only hand signals and voice cues is a terrific way to improve communication—and further strengthen the bond—between you.
  • Best of all? The fun you’ll have together and the confidence boost you’ll likely see in your dog. Mastering those tricky jumps, forging through a tunnel for the first time, figuring out what you’re asking of her—these are all thrilling experiences to a dog.

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