The Basenji

Portrate of red dog

This dapper little hunting dog traces her general ancestry back to ancient Africa; carvings of dogs resembling Basenjis decorate the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs. Of the many charming distinguishing characteristics a Basenji possesses, the most well known are her “barroo,” a yodel-like sound, and her habit of standing on hind legs to see better, the way Meerkats do. Another fun trait is her almost feline obsession with grooming—a pastime she can spend hours on. Despite (or perhaps because of) her acute intelligence, the Basenji is not the easiest to train, but with patience and gentle, positive methods she can be a polite and attentive family companion. In addition to gracing royal tombs and paintings throughout history, this dog’s imperial good looks and curious and independent nature has inspired movies (Good-bye My Lady) and novels (Heart of Savannah and The Basenji Revelation).

To give a Basenji a home, search online for nearby rescues.