Why Do Dogs Love To Roll In Stinky Stuff & Grooming Tips

Few dogs don’t have this habit to some extent—whether it’s a good shoulder-first roll in fresh grass with all its hidden secrets or a nosedive into a freshly manured field. The behaviour is called scent rolling and researchers speculate that it originated as a way to bring information back to the pack. Of course, dogs have had much time and adaptation to make the behaviour their own, so it’s likely dogs roll in grass and other interesting materials for a number of reasons. One is to get rid of unwanted smells, for example that doggie shampoo you enjoy but that Fido does not appreciate. Itchy skin can be another cause for frequent and vigorous rolling, so look out for fleas, tick bites, or tell-tale signs of skin conditions such as scabs, redness, rashes, or bald patches.

Rolling in grass is not dangerous in itself. Just be sure your dog has flea and tick protection, and be mindful of potential hazards like pesticides and herbicides that might be on the grass. Even absent any foul-smelling residue on his coat, your dog may need a good rinse post-roll.


Here are some quick and easy grooming tips:

I have given 1,000’s of doggie baths in my life!  After dogs board with us for 7 or more days we send them home well exercised and clean, what more could an owner ask for?  With that being said I feel I could not live without this raised dog bath I purchased from Amazon.  It saves my back and makes bathing quicker and easier. Safety note NEVER leave your unattended in the tub.  It’s best to have them go in the tub without giving them a bath a couple times, even feed them in the tub while you are there with them to associate the tub with good things.

Eleni Aikau from Camp Kibble who also does dog and cat boarding as well as pet shipping recommended that I try these exfoliating gloves while bathing to really get into the dogs coat and bring out the suds.  Oh, do I love them!  I find they save me time plus I use less shampoo as these gloves really bring out the suds.

While the dogs are perched up high in the tub you can clean their ears and trim their nails.  To help redirect and reward your dog for cutting their nails you can smear some peanut butter on the side of the tub for them to lick off.  Or you can try this peanut butter nail trim hack found on YouTube.  If you try the latter please let me know how it goes.  I haven’t attempted it yet.

As far as additional grooming goes brush your dogs body daily and teeth at least twice a week.  Look for any bumps or lumps, call your vet with any concerns.

Grooming can be a great relationship builder with your dog.  Love on them and get them comfortable being touched everywhere