5 Weeks to a Calmer Dog, Week 3 Brain Games

Week 3 replay

Playing brain games with your dog is another tool to put in your dog training toolbox on how to have a calmer dog.

Keep in mind that any training that you do with your dog is a brain game! You’re engaging with your dog, your dog is being stimulated and at the other end of your session can be calmer for doing so.

I’ve broken this webinar into 2 types of brain games with your dog, food based and tricks.

There are many products on the market that can help stimulate and engage with your dog around food. Instead of eating freely out of a bowl you can challenge your dog out of any of these brain games.

Don’t forget feeding time is a great time to train your dog as well.

Slow feeder

Snuffle mat


Food toy dispenser

I have found subscription boxes such as PupBox and Bark Box to be worth their value. Plus you receive new toys for your dogs to engage with. Remember to put your dogs on a toy rotation to keep their interests.

As mentioned above, the more you work with your dog the more they will look to you for direction. Never, discredit the power trick training. A book I love is!

101 Dog Tricks by Kyra Sundance and Clancey

In the video you will learn simple tricks to engage your dogs and impress your friends. We train these behaviors in class as they are easy and fun to train. You will learn how to train shake, high 5,  wave, spin and twist! Have fun with these.


Week 3 replay