Week 4 Replay and Summary, of our 5 Weeks to a Calmer Dog Webinar, Impulse Control

Replay Week 4 Here

In week 4 of our “5 Weeks to a Calmer Dog” webinar, we focus on ways to tackle impulse control. According to CBD Dog Behavior, impulse control is your dog’s ability to control their urge or impulses in certain situations.


Strategies I implement immediately with my board and train dogs to help with their impulse control are:

First and foremost EXERCISE! I walk the dogs, take the dogs to the park to smell, or take them on a hike. They also receive a lot of play time with other dogs while they stay with me. Exercise helps immensely with having a calmer dog and helping with impulse control.

Long stays on their settle spots. My goal is a 20 minute stay. The first 3 minutes is the hardest I have seen that once you move past the 3 minutes the dogs seem to relax at a deep level.

Stays before going out ANY door and for their food. This includes the crate, car, house. Stay while waiting to be fed, do not allow your dog to barge/ lunge after the food.

While playing with dogs I will ask them to sit or down while they are in a heightened state of arousal to help with their impulse control.

During the webinar we also discussed strategies for impulse control while your dog is in the car or out on walks. We also tackled strategies for your dog if they are barking in your house or at the fence.

Webinar 4 Replay