Week 5 of 5 Weeks To A Calmer Dog- fireworks and alternative ways to calm your dog

Week 5 Replay

It’s a wrap! Thank you all for joining me these past couple of weeks. I am humbled and grateful  for the response I received.

Quick review


Week 1 – with the number of dogs I have worked with I find that exercise is the most effective way to calm your dog.  Combining training and exercise is a sure-fire way to calm your dog, have a more responsive dog, and receive much of the attention from your dog that you are seeking.


Week 2- we focused on a calm dog while guests come into the house (no jumping) and several management tools you can use to set both you and your dog up for success when guests come to the house.

Week 3- physical exercise is the most effective way to calm your dog as well as mental exercise. There are several brain games that will challenge your dog to help calm them.

Week 4- our focus was impulse control

Week 5- quick review of all weeks plus tips to help with fireworks and alternative ways to calm your dog with touch or supplements.

The best advice I can give for fireworks is heavy exercise in the morning/ afternoon. Preferably a trail with rocks to climb to challenge your dog’s mind. At night utilize your dog’s crate. Put them in a room in your home with the least number of windows and play white noise.  If your dog is not crate trained place them in the room with the least amount of windows and play white noise. If you are giving supplements or medication it is best to give these well BEFORE your dog becomes anxious.

Also with any luck maybe this will help, 17 tons of illegal fireworks were seized from a shipping container.

Other alternative ways to help calm your dog include

Supplements such as rescue remedy for pets, lavender essential oil, CBD tabs.

Thunder shirt

TTouch, specific type of touch to help with acupressure points.  Local trainer who is certified on TTouch is Marie Salarque with Pro Dog Hawaii

Calming music, specifically made from Through a Dog Ear. I like to play this music for the dogs when I leave the house.

What a great webinar if I do say so myself. Some of these techniques will work better for some dogs than other however overall I find exercise to be the secret sauce for all the pups!

Happy Holidays! Know that I am always here to help.