How To Recognize Signs Of Heat Exhaustion In Dogs

The warmest months in Hawaii are vastly upon us with temperatures reaching over 80F degrees and over 50 percent humidity.  Humans have the ability to regulate their body temperature by sweat glands located throughout our bodies.  When we sweat, the evaporation of our sweat cools our body. Unlike humans, dogs do not have  sweat glands located throughout their body. A dog’s sweat glands are mainly located between the pads of their feet.  A dog’s primary way of cooling themselves is by panting and breathing. Ways to beat the heat this summer:   Always provide shade and fresh cool water for your dogs. Provide a small plastic pool for your dog to wade or lay in during the day.  Keep the pool in the shade so the sun does not heat the water. Remember to rinse the pool daily to keep clean. You can find cooling products for dogs such as bandanas, vests, or

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