Dog Park Etiquette

After a busy day at work it’s time to toss our work clothes aside, throw on the casual wear, grab our dog’s leash, load up Fido, and head to the dog park! For many of us, this trip is not just about socializing with our four-legged friend; it’s about catching up with our two-legged friends as well.  While it’s easy to see the benefits of a dog park, sometimes we might fail to take note of things that could turn a great social occasion into a small disaster.  I want to take the opportunity to raise your awareness and, hopefully, give you a few tips to make the most of your dog park adventures. What should you be looking for while taking part in the fun and games to ensure your dog and others are having fun at the dog park? 3 Things you need to be aware of… Owners

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Recognizing Signs Of Stress In Your Dog

Do you understand what your dog is telling you through their body language?  I feel it is a great disservice to our dogs if we only expect them to learn what we want through training, but not look deeper at what our dogs need through their body language. Keep in mind, behaviorally, anything our dog does is information to us.  For example, if your dog barks and lunges on their leash, they may be telling you they are scared of something in the environment or frustrated they cannot be free to say hi to another dog friend that they see. To understand if your dog is scared or frustrated in this situation, you can look at their body language. When I teach classes, I train students to recognize stress in their dogs. If your dog is stressed, it’s very hard for them to learn in that state of mind. If a dog

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