The Buzz About Reward Based Training

Traditionally dog training was primarily taught through punishment or aversive techniques.   Through time, reward based or positive reinforcement training has become more popular.   By definition, behaviors that are reinforced will increase.  This is true for various species of animals including humans.  It’s also true that both desired and undesired behavior can be increase through reinforcement. Positive reinforcement training is adding something to your dogs environment that your dog views as reinforcing.  Examples of reinforces for dogs include:  verbal praise, treats, toys, play (with the owner or other dogs, or toys), rub downs, a clicker, and more.  What your dog perceives as a reinforcer can vary from dog to dog.  Many trainers find that food, of various kinds, is a high reinforcer for dogs.  This is because food, by nature, is a primary reinforcement, which means your dog needs food to survive. The benefits of reward-based training are numerous.  What I

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A Day Of Fun With Your Dog

Obedience and Agility Fun Match Sunday, May 29th Location:  Lucky Dog Adventure Camp in Waimanalo Canine Good Citizen Evaluation Set your dog apart from the rest!  See if they can pass all 10 Canine Good Citizen test items to earn the title of a ‘Good Citizen’. Evaluation begins at 8:00 am and is $50.00 Obedience Fun Match Obedience is a fun opportunity to practice obedience behaviors such as ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘stay’, ‘loose leash walking’, and more. Each owner handler team can participate in: Novice = 10 – 15 behaviors on leash Advanced = 15 – 20 behaviors off leash Praise & rewards are encouraged! Event is judged & timed. Everyone is a winner! Runs begin after the CGC evaluation and is $30.00 per entry. Agility Fun  Match Agility- run through an obstacle course timed.  Challenge your dog over jumps, through tunnels, up and over an A Frame and more. Each

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