Your Spot

Your Spot–  Your dog should go to a designated area and stay.

Hand Signal–  Point to the designated spot such as a dog bed or blanket/ towel laid out for your dog.

Verbal Que–  Your dogs name and ‘your spot’

Benefits-  This behavior will deter your dog from begging, bolting out the door, and jumping on people.  It will give your dog a special place to go.


  1. Establish a visual que for your dog.  For example, a blanket, a towel or dog bed.
  2. Introduce the object to your dog, say ‘your spot’ while your dog is on the object and smelling the object.
  3. Place your dog on a ‘sit’ or ‘down’ on the object.  Repeat ‘your spot’ while pointing to the object.  Continue to reinforce your dog.
  4. Take one step back from the spot.  Point to the spot and say ‘your spot’ if your dog goes to the spot highly reinforce him/her.  If your dog does not go to the spot take them buy the collar, place them on the spot and repeat ‘your spot’.
  5. Repeat step 4 while gradually increasing the distance you are from their spot.
  6. Train ‘sit-stay’ or ‘down-stay’.
  7. After your dog understands ‘your spot’ tell them ‘your spot’ and ‘stay’.  Only expect them to stay in their spot for a few seconds.  Release your dog from ‘your spot’ by saying ‘o.k.’ or ‘come’.  If your dog gets up from ‘your spot’ bark the word ‘no’ and start over.
  8. Gradually increase the duration your dog stays in ‘your spot’.  To encourage them to stay longer give them a special treat; for example, a kong filled with peanut butter or a bone.