Prevent Your Dog From Jumping On People

Jumping on People Why do dogs jump on people? They want attention They are excited They are attempting to take something from you They think it’s fun   How to curtail jumping on people Exercise your dog, this will release undesired energy. Obedience training will increase the effectiveness of verbal ques that will deter unwanted behaviors. YOU MUST IGNORE OR REDIRECT YOUR DOG EVERYTIME THEY “JUMP”. If you ignore or redirect your dog sometimes but not others this will confuse your dog.  He/she will not understand why it is okay to “Jump” sometimes but not others. a.  If your dog commonly jumps on your children do not have your children and your dog play unsupervised. b.  If your dog jumps on house-guests place your dog on a leash or another room to prevent them from jumping. c.  Always have your training tools with you when interacting with your dogs.  You

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How To Prevent Bolting Out The Door

Bolting Out The Door Criteria-  When you open the door your dog should not run out.  If you are leaving the house with your dog your dog should sit by the door, you open the door, walk out, then allow your dog to go out the door by saying ‘ok’. Visual Que-  Door opens. Train- Place your dog on leash by the door and either hold the leash or stand on the leash firmly but allowing slack on the leash.  There should be no tension on the leash. Put your hand on the door handle, if your dog does not move to anticipate running out reinforce your dog with love or treats.  If your dog moves  towards the door remove your hand and say ‘opps’ and try again.  Repeat until your dog does not anticipate the door opening.  You must have 5 or more successful approximations before moving to the

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Your Spot

Your Spot–  Your dog should go to a designated area and stay. Hand Signal–  Point to the designated spot such as a dog bed or blanket/ towel laid out for your dog. Verbal Que–  Your dogs name and ‘your spot’ Benefits-  This behavior will deter your dog from begging, bolting out the door, and jumping on people.  It will give your dog a special place to go. Train- Establish a visual que for your dog.  For example, a blanket, a towel or dog bed. Introduce the object to your dog, say ‘your spot’ while your dog is on the object and smelling the object. Place your dog on a ‘sit’ or ‘down’ on the object.  Repeat ‘your spot’ while pointing to the object.  Continue to reinforce your dog. Take one step back from the spot.  Point to the spot and say ‘your spot’ if your dog goes to the spot

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