Really Reliable Recall Part 2

Emergency Recall

The emergency recall is a conditioned recall or automatic response by your dog to your signal.  This means your dog will come to you without thinking or hesitation despite their surroundings or what they are doing at that moment.

1. Establish your everyday recall first.

2. Develop a new signal for your dog to come to you.  If you’ve been saying ‘come’ change the word to ‘here’ , ‘now’, ‘yahoo’.  Choose a word that carry’s.

3. Signal should always be said as if it were an emergency.  ‘FIDO HERE!!!’

4. Use the signal 3 times a day for 3 months.  ONLY SAY IT WHEN YOU KNOW YOUR DOG WILL COME TO YOU!  Your best chance of success is to do this in your home or back yard when your dog is not distracted.

5. Say your signal only once!

6. Reinforce every step your dog takes to you with verbal praise and excitement.

7. When your dog gets to you reinforce your dog with something they normally do not receive such as left over’s from the night before.

8. Feed your dog tiny pieces for 30 seconds.  Enjoy the moment, relax and relish in the fact that you just saved your dogs life!  Take your time!

9. When practicing if your dog does not come to you when they hear the que DO NOT REPEAT the que.  Instead run away from your dog with excitement & grab a toy that they like to entice them to come to you.

10. The longer you can condition the above behavior the better.  Try not to use your emergency recall in real life for at least 3 months!

11. If the above is not working ask yourself…

a. Have I been repeating my signal?

b. Have I practiced at least 3 times a day for 3 months?

c. Have I been using yummy treats and reinforcing for 30 seconds at a time?