Recall Training Tips and Management

Training tips for training your recall

1. Never ask your dog to ‘come’ to you and then do something they do not like.  For example, do not give a bath or cut their nails.

2. If your dog is having fun playing or smelling, do not tell them to ‘come’ and end their fun.

3. ‘Come’ should always be rewarded, under all circumstances!

Never play chase with your dog, if anything your dog should chase you!


Management for training a recall


1. Make sure your dog is getting enough physical and mental exercise.

2. In a safe place allow your dog plenty of off leash activity.  Example, in your back yard, go to dog parks, or a friends yard.  If you cannot find a safe place to have your dog off leash allow them to drag a long line behind them so still have freedom yet you have control over your dog if they decide to run.

3. Always reinforce your dog for checking in on you even in your home.

4. Play a lot of recall games.  While calling your dog run away from them and hide while you are still calling them.  Get your family and friends involved with calling your dog back and forth.