Prevent Your Dog From Jumping On People

Jumping on People

Why do dogs jump on people?

  1. They want attention
  2. They are excited
  3. They are attempting to take something from you
  4. They think it’s fun


How to curtail jumping on people

  1. Exercise your dog, this will release undesired energy.
  2. Obedience training will increase the effectiveness of verbal ques that will deter unwanted behaviors.
  3. YOU MUST IGNORE OR REDIRECT YOUR DOG EVERYTIME THEY “JUMP”. If you ignore or redirect your dog sometimes but not others this will confuse your dog.  He/she will not understand why it is okay to “Jump” sometimes but not others.

a.  If your dog commonly jumps on your children do not have your children and your dog play unsupervised.

b.  If your dog jumps on house-guests place your dog on a leash or another room to prevent them from jumping.

c.  Always have your training tools with you when interacting with your dogs.  You should have treats, a toy, and a pouch.

  1. Train your dog that NOTHING IN LIFE IS FOR FREE.  Your dog must ‘Sit’ before they do or receive anything- any toys, treats, love, before they are allowed to walk out the door, etc.
  2. Do not greet your dog in an excited manner.  This will entice your dog to “Jump” on you.  Ignore your dog until they “Sit” or have all four paws on the ground.
  3. Tell your dog “Off”.  To train your dog what ‘Off’ means.
    1. Place your dog behind a baby gate.
    2. Walk up to the baby gate, if your dog jumps, wait for them to NOT jump.  The moment they stop jumping say the word ‘Off’.
    3. It is important that you say the word ‘Off’ when they are NOT jumping so they can associate the word ‘Off’ with the actual behavior of not jumping.
    4. If your dog “Jumps”, take a step forward so your dog rebounds off your body; at the same time, say the word “Off”.
    5. Use a leash
      1. When a friend comes over, place your dog on a leash before you open the door.
      2. If your dog lunges at your friend walking through the door, step on the leash and tell your dog “Off”.
      3. As soon as your dog “Sits” invite your friend to pet your dog.
    6. Before a friend walks through the door hand them a treat.  Tell them to ignore your dog until they are calm or sitting.

10.Train your dog to retrieve a ball or toy when you approach them or when someone comes to the door.  If your dog is searching for their toy they cannot be jumping on your guests.  You tossing their toy out for them upon retrieval will reinforce your dog for getting their toy.

11.Train your dog ‘Find It’.  During this exercise your dog learns to find a treat that was tossed on the floor.  Your dog will focus on the floor instead of jumping up on you.

12.When giving your dog a treat give the treat down low by your knees, not from your pouch to their mouth.  If they see the treat coming from the pouch or your pocket they are likely to jump to try getting the treat.